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A variation on the Québecois expression Qu'est-ce que fuck, which simply means What the fuck
My favorite restaurant is closed? Qu'est-ce que fuck quoi?!
#wtf #qu'est-ce que fuck #qqf #what the fuck #french idioms
by Davey McGravy May 07, 2007
Complete and utter foolishness.
You cannot drop out of college because of a bad hair day. That would be total asskrackery.
#tomfoolery #fuckery #stupidity #foolish #dumb
by Davey McGravy May 07, 2007
Used to describe a person who is horribly bitchy and nasty, bordering on, if not already entirely evil.
That boss you have, who almost fired you for checking your e-mail at work, and is constantly giving you bad recommendations? Definitely cunterrific.
#cunty #evil #nasty #cuntariffic #ann coulter
by Davey McGravy May 07, 2007
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