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A) When a farter forces a known target to smell a fart. Sometimes done for revenge, but always without consent or apology.
B) When you drop the fart hammer on someone who is trapped in a situation and must endure the stench. Like hammering a fart in a car full of people.
I walked into my boss's office just before his Monday afternoon status meeting and fartraped him. I hope he likes Taco Bell.
by Davendork November 08, 2010
Positivity is staying positive even when you find a really good reason to be negative.
Thinking that being too stupid to create time travel is for the best because your dumb ass would probably use it to go back in time, pretend to be a Native American and teach the pilgrims how to rap shows positivity.

This is bad - One of our founding fathers, Thomas "T-Dog" Jeffersizzle, wrote the lyrics to the Ryhmes of Independence.
by Davendork November 08, 2010

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