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(n.) A girl who will string you along for months or years, showing up at the most random times, hookup with you and then leave. All the while calling you "just friends." Yeahhh okkk. Leah will totally captivate you, she is exciting, seductive, adventurous, and interesting, but she will BREAK YOUR HEART. You will think you are the only one, but you are just one of her many "friends." But she really is an amazing girl who I will always remember. I just wish Leah could let people who care about her close to her. Date at your own risk.
Leah - Hey man sorry it's real late, I know I haven't seen you for a few weeks
Dude- Leah! how are you?
Leah - oh ya know, can I stay the night?
Dude - .... yeah sure

(next morning)

Leah - I am so glad we are good friends
Dude - (confused) yeah, uh, me too
by Daveboiii January 30, 2012

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