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A culchee (Irish countryside resident i.e. anywhere outside Dublin in the 26 counties of the republic)term for Snogging.
"I was caught shifting your mans sister lastnight just before i got me langer out"
by Dave1892 April 11, 2006
When a male (obviously) is hit in his genital region and drops to the floor.
"Dude, stop being an ass or I'll have to cock drop you"
by Dave1892 April 11, 2006
This refers to your Fecal mass (Poo) the day after a Guinness bender which is black and quite scary and should be known as a guiness monster
"Dude I just unleashed a guinness monster all over the bowl"
by Dave1892 April 11, 2006
Described by Barnaby Harmsley as a total dump full of scumbags in the suncreen parody Boozing in 99
"Live in Cork once but leave before it makes you wooly, Never live in Carlow, It's a total dump full of scumbags"
by Dave1892 April 11, 2006
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