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- fear of pissing in large urinals that resemble a horse troff.

Usually found in large sporting venues the mega urinal provides zero privacy which causes many guys to be gun shy despite a bladder full of beer.

Friend: Hey were is your cousin the third inning is about to start?
You: Ah, he has to wait for a toilet since he has a bad case of troffaphobia.
Friend: What?
You: Yeah, when he steps out to the plate at a big urinal he can't go.
by Dave W. Deathrock February 11, 2009
a threesome in which all sexual partners are either lined up from top to bottom or side to side with one partner being Caucasian (white), one partner being African-American (black) and one partner being Native American (red)
Wife: I can't believe our daughter convince her black husband to have the future chief of the local tribe to have sex with them.
Husband: I should have seen this neapolitan bang coming after she always wanted her ice cream that way as a kid.
by Dave W. Deathrock July 30, 2010
- while in a position of sixty nine. The sexually receiving partner who is on the bottom gets oral pleasure while eating breakfast off the ass of a male sexual partner who is on top. Slidin' maybe added before Salami if a titty fuck is being performed at the same time.
Gal One: I wonder why Jessica always goes for culinary guys with a nice butt?

Gal Two: That's no secret, she can't stop talking about how Moons over Salami is her favorite thing in the world. With her B cups she'll probably marry the first guy talented enough to do Moons over Slidin' Salami.
by Dave W. Deathrock July 08, 2010

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