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geordie or Newcastle slang meaning a small splinter of wood. Usually referred to in this way when one is embedded in your hand.
I've got a spelk in my hand
by Dave W May 14, 2004
Geordie slang meaning 'to go'
gan down the town

gan up the biggy
by Dave W May 14, 2004
How is Geordie/ North East of England Slang which comes from the word Hey! or Oy. Quite often paired with the slang word man which means 'God damn' or 'you'

Hey man .. making 'Hey you'

How is often used to tell someone to get off something or to tell someone to get away from somewhere.
How you get away from my car

in Geordie:-
How yee get away from me car
by Dave W May 14, 2004
New Zealand word, the name of the cloud/steam when its so cold you can see your own breath.
I can hoff its so cold
by Dave W May 14, 2004

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