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Combination of Smart and Mark, Mark meaning a wrestling fan who believes (or temporarily suspends his disbelief) in pro wrestling. The Smark is the fan who knows wrestling is choreographed, but appreciates it on a higher level.
I know he saw the chair coming, it's still cool, I'm a Smark!
by Dave Sirus April 03, 2005
A rat. Slang term for one who snitches to the police, or is an undercover police officer themselves. Origin comes from the great size of rats living in and around reservoirs.
The police know about our heist because Mr. Orange is a reservoir dog
by Dave Sirus February 09, 2005
When a wrestler pretends to be hurt by being hit with a chair. To pretend pain from any Pro Wrestling attack, you are "selling" the attack
Al Snow doesn't sell chairs, he makes his opponents look ridiculous in doing so.
by Dave Sirus April 03, 2005
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