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Taking ones other half up the backdoor.

Well practiced sexual pastime of the inhabitants of the infamous South Yorkshire shithole.

Men from Barnsley have had their lasses up the shitter more times than you've had hot dinners.

Our lass has the painters in, so tonight we're Going to Barnsley

My new girlfriend has a minge like a clowns pocket so we’re only ever Going to Barnsley
by Dave Schloosh January 02, 2008
The sensation felt when nobbing a previously shaved minge with a few weeks growth.

Few things in life are more uncomfortable than a Hedgehog in my Tent.
Her bush was so prickly it was like having a Hedgehog in my Tent, tomorrow night we're definitely Going to Barnsley.

The 3 week stubble on her Bearded Oyster left me so raw it was like having a Hedgehog in my Tent
by Dave Schloosh July 21, 2011
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