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An inveterate liar. A person whose life is so empty they have to invent grandiose yarns and daring exploits to make people think they are anything other than sad pathetic losers.The king of bullshitters is a guy called Eddie and one of his outlandish anecdotes is transcribed below.
"So I got a bite and I reeled it in and it was a 500cc motorbike. Kick started first time. Went down to Birmingham for the weekend on it. Pulled two girls and did them both in the hotel room while snoting coke off their tits. Just as I joined the M6 on my way home the front wheel fell off. Couldn't fix it so had to do a wheelie for the full 120 miles."

"Jesus! You bullshitter!"
by Dave Mars January 16, 2007
A person considered socially unacceptable or at the least tolerable within certain perameters and under strictly defined conditions, whose behaviour puts him at odds with the greater dramatis personae of human life. Often given to inapproriate remarks and outbursts the like of which may provoke verbal antagonism and, in extreme cases, physical violence against the sayer thereof. Various types of sex pest and stalkers fit the description. As do recluses, political fanatics, angry loners and comic book collectors.
"Why did your friend ask to see my wife's 'vital statistics' at the dinner table? And what on earth does he mean?"
"I don't know, pal. He's just a bloody weirdo."
by Dave Mars September 26, 2006
A drinking game based on the Vietnam Russian roulette film 'The Deer Hunter' starring Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken. Players donate several cans of beer which are then mixed in with a limited number of 'shaken' tins. Each contender must pick a can, lift it to his/her ear, yank the ring pull and risk an explosion of fizzy beer jetting over their person. An exploding can/wet body equals dismissal from the game. Winners must drink until the last shaken can is pulled.
De Niro: "We play Beer Hunter with ninety shaken cans!"
Viet Cong: "Wah!? You mad or something?"
De Niro: "Ninety, I say!"
Viet Cong: "Err..OK. We think you pletty stupid though."
Walken: "Oh Jesus, Jesus!"
De Niro: "There's still an unshaken can on that table. Go for it."
Pop, fizz. Walken loses Beer Hunter.
by Dave Mars September 26, 2006
The late chairman and overall dictator of Burnley Football Club during the 1970s. Also know as Butcher Bob on account of his professional trade and possibly his notoriety for utter ruthlessness in football matters. Once famously washed his hands in a touchline basin of water after shaking hands with a black player from a visiting team. If you grew up in Burnley during the 1970s you probably had a view of world power structures that resembled that listed below.
Bob Lord
President J Carter
Ted Heath
Mayor of Burnley
Form Tutor
School Bully
by Dave Mars September 27, 2006

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