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(n). One who drones on and on about his/her problems; a non-listener, talks loudly and fast, often very opinionated.
At the cocktail party, the talking ass monkey told me everything I never wanted to know. "What are you, some kind of arrogant talking ass monkey?"
by Dave Hultgren February 23, 2004
(N). slang--a police car, often a traffic cop, lying low in the grass median or hidden behind a building to trap speeders.
On my way to work today while driving my car, I saw an Asphalt Alligator from behind the brick building on the left.
by Dave Hultgren February 20, 2004
(n). A person who habitually rambles on while talking incoherently in an inaudible or soft tone of voice, often in a boorish monotone.
Oh no, lets go make ourselves look busy. Here comes that wandering mumbleguts.
by Dave Hultgren February 26, 2004
Internet fungus (N): one who habitually uses a PC for 3 hours or more, kind of like they are growing mold on the computer.
There are many habitual Internet Funguses that can be found in the public library, refusing to leave when someone else wants to use the computer.
by Dave Hultgren February 20, 2004
(n). One who constantly complains that he is low on cash; a cheapskate, syn: freeloader, parasite, penny pincher, moocher.
Jack is such a budgee.
by Dave Hultgren February 23, 2004

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