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The best thing to happen to music.
blindside is the best band ever.
by Dave Esposito December 18, 2005
a Guhbloogie is when a person attempts to spit in another direction but it accidentally gets on themself.

this can be cause by wind or mere stupidity.
(a kid spits and it gets on himself) (someone else yells, or a bunch of people at the same time) Guhbloogie!

Ah ha, you guhbloogied on your pants!
by Dave Esposito February 07, 2008
its an exclamatory pharse used when a dolphin does an impressive trick.
(dolphin does a super flippy thing) oh shit, BOINKER-NOPPLES!
by Dave Esposito February 07, 2008
I made this word up so everyone needs to chill.

A lesbosexual is a lesbian. but it's a cooler way of saying it. so it's a girl that likes other girls.
You're a total lesbosexual.
by Dave Esposito February 07, 2008

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