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An acute inflammation and soreness of the vagina, lasting up to 3-4 days, and caused by prolonged sessions of sex lasting over 3 hours or more.
I fucked your Mom so long last night she got Cunt Rickets... Lucky for everyone else in line they aren't contagious.
by Dave Darkly Asst Mgr JJSS March 11, 2010
The act of grabbing you're scrotum mid-coitus and shoving it into your partners mouth or gaping anus. Typically followed by a commanding statement for your partner to "Save em up for Winter!"

It should be noted that this dominating act should only be performed in situations wherein the dominating party has enough Sack Slack to properly perform the maneuver and the receiving party has either a big enough mouth or a properly stretched anus to receive the package in its entirety.
Me and Angie wanted to try something different last night so I tried Squirrel Cheeking her ass and told that bitch to save em up for winter.
by Dave Darkly Asst Mgr JJSS March 11, 2010
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