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A standard cup, filled to the brim, of Jagermeister. Commonly used to drown sorrows.
"You should have seen Kyle after the game last night, he drank six cupadajager."

Q: "What did Sean pregame with? He tried to fight the bouncer."
A: "Oh, he drank a cupadajager before we went out."
by Dave Bishop June 13, 2011
The act of vomiting at completely inconvenient times. May come while roaming a visitors college campus, or in a car on the way to a baseball game while riding in the middle of the backseat.
Luke: "Dude, you guys are late!"
Danny: "Sorry man, we had to stop, Rick was pattoning in the car."

Kyle: "Did you see the guy with the long hair? He was pattoning while he was walking on campus!"
by Dave Bishop June 17, 2011
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