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The Steve Exit is the infamous practice of quickly signing off AIM or some other chat service before the other party has a chance to reply. Named after the most frequent abuser of messaging etiquette, the Steve Exit is the equivalent of hanging up on someone without letting them say goodbye.
dave4219 (8:47:24 PM): yeah, man, she is a hooker
settersteve (8:47:30 PM): dinner time
settersteve (8:47:34 PM): gotta run
settersteve (8:47:37 PM): have fun
settersteve (8:47:40 PM): late
dave4219 (8:47:51 PM): hey wait are we playing halo or what?
***settersteve is offline or not available***
Dave: "Fucking Steve Exit"
by Dave Berlin July 25, 2006
Suffering from a hangover but more severe, since you didn't just get drunk, you got crunk.
D: "Hey girl, let's take you shopping today huh?"
J: "I don't think so, bro. I am so crungover."
D: "You were the one who wanted to get crunk last night!"
J: "I don't want to talk about it."
by Dave Berlin January 05, 2008
Blogging While Working (BWW) is the act of, well, blogging at work. Companies may see this as reason enough to fire you, especially if you are divulging trade secrets.
Dave: Angie got fired for BWW.
Jesse: She was a big white woman?
Dave: No, she was blogging while working.
Jesse: Ahhh.
by Dave Berlin July 01, 2005
The word stupidiness is a variation of the word stupidity. It was first used on accident by a person who cannot speak English properly (obv.) Use of this term has become a way to make fun of the person who first uttered it.
The stupidiness of these people!
by Dave Berlin April 08, 2005
A euphemism for douche bag, perfect for the work setting. The origin of this meaning most certainly came from a computer science setting, where the term "database" is thrown around so much it was eventually used as a derogatory term.
Boss: "So, what do you think of our new general manager?"
Me: "That guy's a real database."
Boss: "Yes, I suppose he does store a lot of information. (chuckles)"
by Dave Berlin July 25, 2006
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