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Perhaps the reason a friend of mine is being such an asshole towards me.
"Heh! That guy has penis envy I can tell!"
-me after being harassed by some jerkoff
by Dave January 15, 2004
it is a filipino words' that means fuck you in english...
putang ina mo get of my house...
by dave September 25, 2004
An ounce of ganja. Derived from the famous Wizard of Oz. (An oz is an ounce)
I got me a phatt wizard of bashment last night.
by dAVE July 02, 2003
When a woman is pregnant, get a cup of her breast milk, and while doing her from behind, have a third party male (Mr. Bo-Jangles) put all the breast milk into a super-soaker, and punch her hard in the stomach to cause premature birth. Then, spray the baby in the face with the breast milk, and pecker slap it. Then proceed to yell Mr. Bo-Jangles while running out of the room.
Man 1: Did you hear about Tenisha's premature baby?

Man 2: Yeah Dave brought a Mr. Bojangles and and Bojanglized her ass!
by Dave March 07, 2005
where you take three or four bunks in a prison cell, and put them in a circle or semi circle with sheets blocking whats going on inside. What happens inside is that two dozen inmates are raping the hell outta their bitch. I'm talking skull, ass, shoulder blades. It's not pretty
that mormon boy should have been someone's bitch cuz some inmates circled the wagons on him last night.
by dave January 18, 2005
Something unpleasant.

(Der. "bleer", "bleerer" - the stuff in your eyes which makes one bleery eyed in the morning; Scots Eng.)
Mack hasn't washed for a week - he's so blee.
by Dave April 06, 2004
The true power behind the United States of America.
"Although we, the people, have the power, it is Congress that decides whether or not our power is acceptable. Use your Amendment X responsibly."
by Dave November 03, 2004
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