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an adverb. stupid irrational, crazy, irrating confronting, person
that was one sepo muthafucka
did you see that cunt go all sepo on his ass
by dave December 22, 2002
A decent soft drink with a nice flavor.
"I don't drink Dr. Pepper on a regular basis so I guess it's nice & peppy. But since I'm addicted to Coca-Cola I say that Coke will always be the best. ^-^ "
by Dave September 23, 2004
Central Military Commission

The power behind the Chinese military. They do all the planning and shit.
"General Kong Feirong is the chairman of the CMC."
-Colonel Lambert, Splinter Cell
by Dave April 16, 2004
See: awesome
"Ho shit, Nick, that game of SOCOM was Soviet!"
by Dave February 06, 2004
*A citizen of America.
*A person living in America.
*A person having the personality of an american.

By nature, an american is a good person rife with spirit, and is compassionate about wanting to make something of his/her life.
"I'm an american, dammit!"
by Dave March 31, 2004
*A means of, often by holdings your hands together and resting your forehead on them, communicating with God.

*Something that schools and sports don't allow.
"I hope I'm not breaking any rules in school because I have a keychain that has the Footprints philosophy."
by Dave September 10, 2004
Means "friend" in Italian.
"I think."

"Hey paisano!"
-a mafian walking past a fellow mafian
by Dave June 14, 2004

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