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1431 definitions by Dave

the presence of heartless and flave money in a sistuation invovling money or power
wow i see cocaine... heartless must be here
by dave March 21, 2003
The Battle Rifle on Halo 2.
"The brizzle+plasma pistol charge combo makes for some sick deaths in Halo 2 multiplayer."
by Dave April 03, 2005
The president of China....apparently he's the world's 3rd worst dictator. He is known for enforcing online spies & executing roughly 4000 people a year.
Libby-Lib : "I'd rather have Hu chink for president instead of Bush."

Me : "And you liberals claim to be so smart."

Libby-Lib : "We are man! We know the truth behind this country!"

Me : "Have you ever bothered to think that the truth is something you find on your own, and not from others?"

Libby-Lib : "Have you ever bothered to think that what they are saying IS truth?"

Me : "Ugh....someone shut this crybaby up..."
by Dave July 06, 2004
yeaaaaaah, cincinnati is fun, yeaaaaaah. i like it, it is my homeland and i enjoy living here, although it is hard getting shot at by police and having a diet consisting mainly of chili spaghetti and flying pig. yeaaaaaah
Hannah: "Do you like Cincinnati Dave?"
Dave: "It's better than New Jersey"
by Dave October 25, 2003
*A navy personnel.
*A popular hack referring to a homosexual.

On a sidenote, sailors are often the opponents of their fellow marines. ^_^
"Arr, thee see be in my blood says I..."

"What're you doing looking up gay porn?! That was a pic of a guy hugging a sailor!"

"Ok, navymen don't really sound like pirates....it's called a sense of humor!! Don'tchu get it?! *sniff* "
by Dave January 30, 2004
an adverb. stupid irrational, crazy, irrating confronting, person
that was one sepo muthafucka
did you see that cunt go all sepo on his ass
by dave December 22, 2002
A simpleton. Idiotic at best. Inbred moron.
You stupid Grady.
I hate you Grady.
by Dave December 14, 2004