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Valerie is a jaw-dropping sexy girl, with an awesome ass and extraordinary body. Guys usually get hard just by looking at her. The worst about her is her French origin, which makes her totally arrogant. She also loves horseback riding. Even though she only started it because of the wild orgies with her coach Torsten Fuck! She also models for a porn magazine, where she poses naked in all kind of positions on horses. You will meet her anywhere, as long as there is alcohol because she is a huge alcoholic. She looks and acts like a huge slut, but in reality she’s still a virgin. She’s also in an open relationship with a girl, which suggests that she might be a lesbian. She knows close to everybody, especially all the stoners in town, also everyone knows her because of her image. She’s also a really good friend, but she doesn’t like to let new people get close to her.
A: Damn, she looks like a huge slut!
B: Naw, she's still a virgin, such a Valerie.

A: Look at that girl with the bottle of vodka, she's been drinking all night!
B: Yeah, that's Valerie!
by DavSebas October 05, 2011
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