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A less offensive/alternate form of the Australian usage of the word cunt.

A. A complete fool/arsehole. or
B. A good friend. or
C. A vagina.
A. "You fucking CRINT!"
- Someone just punched you.

B. "G'day, crint."
- You see a mate of yours.

C. "I'm gonna kick your crint in."
- You are about to cave in a vagina with your boot.
by Dav Byrne January 06, 2006
Ruined, destroyed, maimed. Used especially when something absolutely has to work, but doesn't. Used especially by sound engineers referring to faulty equipment.
"Dang. It's fuckin' crinted. That sure as hell ain't the jazz.
by Dav Byrne January 06, 2006
A. To, through no skill of your own, make something fortuitous happen. or
B. To seriously screw up something. or
C. To burp the worm (masturbate).
A. You bastard! How did you jag that? (after winning a prize)
A. Somehow jagged that one! (after fluking a pool shot)
B. Oh fuck! I jagged it! (after missing a pool shot)
C. I didn't have anything to do, so I jagged it 'til it bled.
by Dav Byrne January 06, 2006
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