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To be taken literally, it is a command for a beautiful girl to suck on your man meat.

From the movie "American Pie."
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Suck me beautiful.
College Girl: What did you just say?
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Suck me beautiful!
girl laughs
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Friends call me Nova as in Casanova.
College Girl: That's pathetic!
Chris "Oz" Ostreicher: Jeez you don't have to laugh at me.
#suck #me #beautiful #oz #american #pie #stifler
by DaunteCulpepper August 06, 2008
Anything can happen when you are partying and clothes are removed.
Todd: Whoa, that party was wild, man. I got my girlfriend pregnant and got the clap from some chick whose name I don't even remember.
Me: Shit happens when you party naked!
#party #naked #shit happens #drunk #skanks #stds
by DaunteCulpepper August 19, 2008
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