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Sound Waves that people in Baltimore call "music."
They tried to copy D.C. go-go and failed. Terribley.
D.C. shit on Baltimore and they mad cuz they aint us.
Person from Baltimore (listening to baltimore club music in baltimore): Mamasay Mamasa Mascua Yea thats my shit!! *does crazy legs (copying te beat yo feet style from d.c.)*
Person from D.C.: Nigga shut yo go go wanna be ass up!! *proceeds to steal ol boy from bmore in the face and turn on some crankin real music by BYB*

Shanique Alaze Monique: Maury, this is the 25th time I been on your show. I have to find Dijonay, Shareefa, Koronte and Jemkfpakdfj;aay baby daddies!! *sniffs and cries*
Maury: Where are you from?
Shaunique Alaze Monique: Baltimore, Maryland!!
by Dat Girl March 20, 2008

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