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A pejorative term, invoked by a politician, to justify refusing to listen to the concerns of a constituent.
You object to the Patriot Act? Well you must be some kind of a nut.
by Dasnasdi June 16, 2004
One who does not think people have enough restrictions on them already.
An individual who lives in the Eastern US, who thinks he is helping to stop the evil developers from paving over our national parks, but is actually supporting restricting access to vast portions of the West to a few hardy individualls willing to hike in 20 miles with a backpack.
I used to love going there on vacation, but because of the environmentalists, I can't get there anymore!
by Dasnasdi August 29, 2003
A great place to get away from most of the filth that Californians celebrate.
Utah: a pretty great state!
by Dasnasdi June 16, 2004
One who lacks the qualities necessary to prosper in his homeland.
Though his children may become successful in life, an immigrant seldom does.
by Dasnasdi June 16, 2004

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