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For all you cats Hip-Hop wouldnt be the shit without Dr. Dre aka Andre Young.He is known as the founder of gangsta rap along with the NWA. Niggas say Eazy and Pac hated on this nigga .true.But peep this if you actually listen not hear Dre he still misses Eazy-E not because he's a low-life bitch kneeling but because thats the true meaning of a nigga.He produces the baddest beats and brought the Game,G-unit,Busta Rhymes,Eve, and Eminem into full effect.And yall can say 50 and Em are ruckas but I dont see you muthafuckas makin it as rappers.So fuck yall.Dr. Dre is always gonna be respected by those who no what a real nigga is.
<Bumpin music to the full>
-"Man that beat is deep"
-"Yea you know who it is?"
-"Nigga of course i do,Dr.Dre"
by Dasi aka DLiciouz December 14, 2004

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