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Government programs that allow Wall Street companies to stay in business and pay out their huge salaries and bonuses even though they've screwed up and should go under.
The Troubled Assets Relief Bill that gave $700 billon to Wall Street companies with no strings attached is the ultimate example of Wall Street welfare.
by Daryl Montgomery November 17, 2008
When the monetary authorities put a seemingly unlimited amount of money into the financial system in order to stimulate the economy; as if they were flying around in helicopters and dropping money from the sky. This usually results in substantial inflation and sometimes hyperinflation.
The Federal Reserve's excessive easy money policy is helicopter economics at its worst.
by Daryl Montgomery March 08, 2008
Wall Street firms, big banks, and hedge funds who continually manipulate the financial system, news media, and politicians for their benefit.
The bailout of Bear Stearns is just another case of the invested interests getting what they want.
by Daryl Montgomery March 24, 2008

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