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The place I myself hate working at the most out of anything. Your grades will drop. You will lose your social life. Your moral will drop until your not sure if your working day or night but in a continuous phase of: Greeting,Offering, and Thanking and also the occasional furious customer mad about prices or something else that you've tried to do, but cannot please the customer for some odd reason that they take out all their problems on you because it's such a hard job being a stay at home soccer mom that is aging away and cannot stop it. This is shaws...
Shaws employee: GET ME THE HELL OTTAU HERE!!!!!!
Boss: Yous still have 8 hours left..
Shaws employee: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#college #ugly #wrinkle #shaws #soccer mom
by Dartmouth_Man July 20, 2009
An Ivy quite misunderstood...but might be the best ivy out there with diligent students applied to such a curriculum.
Brown is not known for its grad schools like the other ivies, but known as a good place to start as a curious undergraduate that whom is not sure yet of what they want to major in.
Brown University student:"Did you know Yale was my fallback school?"
#brown #ivy #smudge #yale #dartmouth #harvard #doctor
by Dartmouth_Man July 10, 2009
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