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1 definition by Dartmouth729

- Likes to eat Deer Sausage, Deer Burgers and Deer Chili.
- Needs to have a Michigan bar in every state since nobody likes them.
- Is bizarrley passionate about Coke VS Pepsi and Pop VS Soda.
- Love to ridicule the Upper Peninsula, even though to the rest of the USA the U.P. is know as a great place and the rest of Michigan sucks.
- So narrow minded that they think all of America watches hickass Big Ten Sports.
- Has an accent that sounds Ontario Canadian but likes to make fun of the Canadian Accent.
Michigander :OOooo yooouu knoooowww, yoooouuu Canajuns says Aboot. What aboot that, Huuuuuhhhhhh
by Dartmouth729 August 02, 2010