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A fossil fuel obtained from a bog. Sometimes called peat. Slow burning, but gives decent heat.
Throw another sod of turf on the fire.
by Darth Ridley November 07, 2006
A TV show for four-year-olds about five people who are high. Hence the name Hi 5.
Dude, this Hi-5 is some awesome shit. Really puts me in the mood for a puff.
by Darth Ridley September 21, 2006
A situation in which several people all have guns (or, occasionally, other projectile weapons) pointed at each other's heads.

The origins of the 'Mexican' part is unknown
Do we really need the Mexican standoff scene?
by Darth Ridley September 21, 2006
Alternative to fuck and feck, generally for use in the presence of clergy.
Shut your flipping mouth!

Oh flip, I said feck!
by Darth Ridley March 08, 2007
Drinking an entire bottle of cough syrup in order to get high. This is because the active ingredient in cough syrup is codeine, a morphine derivative.

Named after Robitussin, a brand of cough syrup.

WARNING: Causes seriously bad trips much more often than good.
Jack: Hey, those guys are doing tussin, let's join in.
Jill: No way man, I ad a fucking nasty experience last time I did that. I'd seriously rather eat shit.
by Darth Ridley November 01, 2006
A large amount of sex.
I wish I had much sex.
by Darth Ridley September 21, 2006
An area of sense, highly acidic soil formed from the decay over millions of years of various forests. The source of turf. Were once common in Europe, but are now found mainly in Ireland.
Let's go down to the bog and get some turf.
by Darth Ridley November 07, 2006

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