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A term for inline skates keyed by skateboarders who become frustrated when people on inline skates ride the shit out of the obstacle that the skateboarder is standing around waiting for a 30 meter space to hit; seeming to the stander to be out of control. An insult resulting from anger held by skateboarders for those who didn't join them in jumping on the skateboarding bandwagon when Tony Hawk became part of pop-culture in the late '90s, mostly because those who aren't concerned with what others think of them can do things that will never be attempted on a skateboard.
Skateboarder A: That guy in the Fruit Boots sure does make me look like an asshole.

Skateboarder B: Yeah. I can't land simple tricks, much less the kind of stuff he's doing. I sure do wish my balls were as big as his too.

Skateboarder A: Maybe our friends would think we looked cooler if we did something other than stand here and look at the jumps.
by Darth Mater March 24, 2009

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