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A sexual position that is rarely used in today's society, it can be performed with either male on female action, or male on male action.

It is carried out as follows:

1. While in the Sexual Intercourse position of Reverse Cowgirl

2. When the dominant member is close to orgasming, he proceeds to sit up and put the receiving partner into a Full Nelson wrestling hold.

3. After the receiving partner has been rendered unconscious, the dominant partner then proceeds to pull out and ejaculate onto the unconscious partner's face.

4. The dominant partner then immediately evacuates the premises before the other partner comes back to consciousness.
-"yeah man, I was over at her place last night and I totally pulled The Full Sex Nelson!"

-"after I gave her The Full Sex Nelson, I was in my car and driving away within 3 minutes!"
by Darth Livious November 07, 2010

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