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Gas escaping from your rectal cavity from a turd letting you know that it wants to come out.
"What is a fart, but the lonely cry of an imprisoned turd", "This turd is crying to get out", "hold your noses, I just let out a Turd Cry"
by Darth Bawls February 04, 2009
Similar to the Dutch Oven, but instead you trap someone in your coat just as you let go of a Turd Cry (fart).
Bob: "Rich, Check this out!"
Rich: "What?"
Bob: *traps Rich in trench coat and farts*
Rich: "Oh that's a nasty Dutch Toaster Oven!"
by Darth Bawls December 02, 2008
A fart capable of disturbing nearby electronic devices.
Sam: WTF? My phone call dropped right when you farted..
Dave: I've been getting a lot of extra iron in my diet, it must've been an EMP fart...
by Darth Bawls October 10, 2012

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