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2 definitions by Darth Aza

either extremely ugly or extremely stupid due to being repeatedly smacked in the head with a brick upon birth.
Bricked at birth (ugly)

Despite applying her make up with a trowel, lady ga ga is so ugly she looks as though she was bricked at birth.

Bricked at birth (stupid)

OMFG Jessica Simpson from newlyweds is so stupid i swear she was bricked at birth.
by Darth Aza January 02, 2010
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Equating someone or their genitalia to a small meal for women that no red blooded male would be bothered eating.
"Man that guy in the corner has been staring at me all night im gonna punch his face in"

"Nah dont worry bout him he's just a Bitch snack"

"Dude my girlfriend actually likes that Justin Bieber Kid"

"Really? Man he is such a Bitch Snack"

"Man i saw that guy in the locker room the other day his dick is a Bitch Snack"
by Darth Aza January 06, 2012
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