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Mess entropy refers to the tendency of a room to naturally become less tidy as time progresses. May be expressed mathematically as:


where E is the mess entropy, M is the actual amount of mess, and t is a given time interval.
Regardless of a room's size, mess entropy will expand to fill it.
#mess #chaos #entropy #teenager #college #student
by Darth Ridley February 21, 2007
Disbaled, handicaped, or mentally retarded. Odd.
My mommy says I'm special.

Frasier: Dad, do you think we're odd?
Martin: Odd? No. You're not odd. You're just special.
#diabled #handicapped #retarded #short bus #yellow house #ralph wiggum
by Darth Ridley January 15, 2007
A restaruant which serves all kosher food, but does not advertise thid fact.
Yosef wanted to stay in Yahweh's good graces, so he took his client to a stealth kosher restaurent for lunch.
#food #jew #jewish #judaism #kosher #stealth
by Darth Ridley January 13, 2007
Anal sex. So called because it involves bums, and is fun.
We got up to some bumfunnery last night.
#bum #bumfun #gay #anal #assturbation #anal sex
by Darth Ridley November 07, 2006
Overtime above and beyond what you are assigned or asked to do. Typically occurs when nobody comes to relieve you atthe end of you shift.
Girl: You're late.
Dude: Yeah, sorry, I had to do an hour of super overtime.
#overtime slut #work #school #overtime #weekend
by Darth Ridley October 04, 2006
The best website in the world, ever.
Man, that site's almost as good as h2g2!
by Darth Ridley February 02, 2004
Basically, the male equivalent of chick lit. Books aimed at young men, typically with lots of action, adventure, and explosions.
The works of Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and Robert Ludlum would probably be considered dick lit, though plenty of older men like these guys a lot too.
#chick lit #lad lit #emo lit #goth lit #book
by Darth Ridley January 01, 2007
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