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An urban sport in which involves throwing objects (preferably bouncy balls) at people, signs, other vehicles and then yelling a witty catch phrase out as you drive off. NOTE: Best done with one person as the driver and another in the back seat doing the throwing and yelling
Last night me and the Yugo went out bouncing. We hit this bogan and he ran after us yelling, "Come on ya cunt!"
by Darsehole September 06, 2008
Something that piss poor people (especially those of european decent) use to unsuccessfully insult other people. This wrongly spelt and gramatically incorrect phrase has no effect whatsoever and actually gives the impression that the person who speaks this utterance is actually gay
Person 1: "OK so be kool"

Person 2: "Real good comeback (makes cocksucking action)"
by Darsehole August 14, 2008
1. A GameCube is a word to describe a woman that is particulary ugly in appearance. This comes from the fact that the X-box or Play Station 2 are much better consoles that came out around the same time as the GameCube.

2. It can also be in reference to meeting a girl for the first time and she being not what one expects. This comes fro when a child wants an X-box for X-mas and his parents telling him that he might get one. The child inturn gets his hopes up to unfortunately open a GameCube and GameCube's are gay (see first meaning)
1. Guy 1, "Did you pick up last night at the party?"
Guy 2, "Yeh i reeled in a few GameCubes, hopefully next time it will be an X-box."

2. Man 1, "How was that chick that Nic set you up with?"
Man 2, "It was a GameCube, i dumped that shit as soon as i could."
Man 1, "There There, now you have to get back on your horse."
by Darsehole March 24, 2008
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