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Where a woman gets double penetrated by 2 guys and their balls clash in the middle, essentially clacking like a set of Newtons Balls.
Dude, i had the weirdest sex last night. I was having a threesome with another chick and a dude and i swear there was some serious Newtons Balls flying about.
by Darryl Godoy May 20, 2008
When a woman is being double penetrated and the 2 mens balls clash together, like a set of Newtons balls.
Dude, i was totaly like doin a chick last night and i swear there was some Newton's balls action going on, it was freaky!
by Darryl Godoy May 24, 2008
When you are a virgin to anything other than sex.
"I'm a pepsi Virgite"
by Darryl Godoy July 09, 2007

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