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1. All about the ass
Calling Ass, being an ass, covering his own ass.
by Darrin October 15, 2004
Something made up a very long time ago to give the collective idiots of the world something to live for and believe in. Imagine believeing in something that never existed, a fictional "person" that secretly watched your every move and waited to judge you when you died!!! Whoever thought this up must have died of laughter!!!
christians, catholics, jews, buddhists, muslims..............

If "god" really were real, then which of them is right??? Why wouldnt a real god reveal the truth to the people he supposedly loved so much? How does he justify suffering and disease?

For that matter, satan and all its incarnations are tied directly to these sham institutions, and therefore void. Without supreme good, there is no supreme evil.

Its all a big lie, people. The Big Lie.
by Darrin March 01, 2004
A hot board mama who should post her boobies
Susy is a hot board mama who should post her boobies.
by Darrin December 17, 2004
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