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A sexy email sent to a friend or acquaintance in the hopes that s/he will take the bait and a hookup will ensue.
I'm really stressed these days because I sent out a bunch of flirtcasts yesterday and haven't heard back from any of them.

I'm supposed to be working on a grant but, instead, I'm spending the whole day flirtcasting.

I did some pretty heavy flirtcasting with that woman who works at the Drake and now I'm paranoid I've pissed her off.
by Darren O'Donnell February 25, 2007

An individual or organization who continues to send you multiple emails even after you've asked to be removed from their list.

Any individual or organization who sends more than two emails about their upcoming event.

I used to be Facebook friends with Chuck but he's such a fucking spamaniac I had to delete him.
by Darren O'Donnell June 19, 2008
A comment, status update or tweet designed to illicit idiotic responses.
Almost any mention of politics is great douchebait. Take a firm position and watch the feeding frenzy.

I criticized some parents for using their child's image as a profile pic on Facebook and it proved to be a perfect piece of douchebait.
by Darren O'Donnell April 13, 2011
A state in which one's various projects only need a whack of cash thrown at them for them to roll.
My next novel is shovel-ready, I just need to receive that pesky arts grant.
by Darren O'Donnell January 27, 2009
a delusional impulse while video chatting with someone.
While videochatting with Yvonne, she went to the bathroom. I had the videlusion that I could hide in her closet and scare her when she came back. (true story)
by Darren O'Donnell July 10, 2008
(noun) The smoke that drifts into buildings from the cigarette addicts who stand just outside, hauling on their butts.
I was trying to eat my banana bread at the Common Cafe, when the tobaccdraft killed my appetite.
by Darren O'Donnell June 18, 2008

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