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The possibility that God will establish a special relationship with one or more self-aware artificial intelligent units. Similar to incarnation which is God becoming flesh, incybernation refers to God manifesting in either a robot or a cyborg.
If we accept that God can be immanent in a human being, then perhaps a sufficiently advanced robot will allow for a divine incybernation.
by Darren Iammarino February 04, 2008
A form of worldwide government run by a complex of A.I. units that will allow for extremely well reasoned governmental decisions. These units will be totally unbiased and accompanied by a human team that acts as a form of checks and balances.
In the future, a robocracy will assure that decisions are made on logic not on corporate interests.
by Darren Iammarino February 04, 2008
The solution to the Catholic Church's seminary enrollment problem. A robot priest is an artificial intelligence unit that can answer questions perfectly without overstepping orthodoxy or having sex with any boys.
Wow! My robot priest is cool. He is smart and my butt doesn't hurt.
by Darren Iammarino February 05, 2008
A person with minimal, if any, hand eye coordination who is in the act of playing Guitar Hero. In other words, they resemble orangutans using a color coded touch screen to communicate with humans.
Is this guitarutan actually trying to play Hangar 18 on expert? I bet he wont get more than 20 percent...click click clack clack click clack click.
by Darren Iammarino February 06, 2008
A term used to describe something really valuable by someone who obviously doesn't have a PhD...especially in Art History or Music.
Be careful, I have got some mozart paintings back there.
by Darren Iammarino February 05, 2008
to bind or connect concepts from some or all religions in a personal and creative manner.
Since he couldn't find truth in any one religion, he engaged in panligare, in order to create a personally fulfilling set of beliefs.
by Darren Iammarino February 04, 2008
Maximizing the variety of worldviews and lifestyles you allow into your field of experience. The word refers to individuals who actively seek to understand their world by expanding their consciousness via firsthand experience of alternate modes of living.
After a sheltered childhood, she sought to experience and understand as much of the world as possible through miximizing.
by Darren Iammarino February 04, 2008
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