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a west coast themed store that sells expensive clothing but, sometimes sexy clothing when girls wear it =). hollister jeans/pants in my opinion are very tight looking on hot girls and looks very good. some guys also shop here to, in fact yestarday i bought a 30 dollar polo shirt from them. even though they are expensive and kind of got the "gay" thing to them for guys, i still think they offer high quality clothing wheter otr not it's ripped. besides, i'd rater wear expensive clothing from hollister then a 2 dollar blank red tank top from wal-mart with a tag that says "XTREME ATHLETIXS". or a shirt from jcpenney's that say "ugh, my dog at my homework", or a shirt that says "hey dude, wanna play dis tubular video game i bought yesterday??". point of the fact is if you want the ladies do like you, BUY TRENDY CLOTHING!! who cares if the pants are all ripped up to shreds and they're only 250, chicks LOVE IT!! Hollister is a good store in my opinion that is very unique and delivers a good taste for teens/colleagues that want well.. trendiness.
gay evan: hey man, nadine gave me sum good head yesterday cuz all the chicks love my gayish acts.
straight darren: yea but your gay, so why would she give you head??
gay evan: ugh, ugh, ugh, i don't know well ugh.
straight darren: WAIT A MINUTE!! if i wear hollister and act gay i'll get head too??!!
gay evan: damnit kid, your NOT supposed to know that!!
slut nadine: hey lover boy what are you talking sbout now?
gay evan: ugh, nothing.
straight darren: Dear, Mrs. Slut Nadine, I'm gay and I would like to bang you till i explode all over your... hot... and... tan... and perfect and oh so smooh face. please suck it as slow as you can, *up, and down, up and down, then very slowly clean and lick it up. Thank You, HUH wait a minute!! EVAN!!!
by Darren Hinke's best buddy August 09, 2006

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