49 definitions by Darren

slang term for aspirin
gol dang it Vern! I need some got damn assburn! I gots a real bad headache!
by Darren December 15, 2002
A more polite way of saying c**t. Girls are genrally more acepting when they hear this version.
"What a complete chunt!"
by Darren November 26, 2001
A heterosexual male thats is very intouch with his feminine side, and is often mistaken for being a homosexual because of his: sense of style, knowledge of feminine products, and a good eye for design. For some fucking reason, the chicks dig it. Almost makes me wanna turn metro...
"James Pella is a meterosexual, becuase he wears gap and loves to shoe shop."
by Darren October 19, 2004
A womans nicely shaven vagina
God, luv, yuv got a luvly tash
by Darren January 19, 2005
the ultamate sware word... can be used in many contexts.
1) dogs bollocks - the best
2) ohh bollocks - showing somthing bad happened
by Darren November 30, 2002
To sit deep in a barrel of a wave. Or to drop into the wave very deep on the inside shoulder
Here comes a set.... Go Deeeeeeeeeeeep.
by Darren March 22, 2005
Straight acting homosexual male.
Wow! He's such a heterofag!
by Darren February 20, 2004

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