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RER is a short and scrawny red headed homosexual who tries to convince people, to no avail, that he is muscular, not a ginger, and straight. He has sucked a penis and dreams of one day having a strap-on in his ass. His favorite phrases include, "Cereal Material", "Sorry bro, you lost my trust.", "How do you think Chad feels knowing that Sab would rather be with a gay guy?", "I'm not gay!", "My tank is on E.", "Mel, we need to have a chat.", and "Work, work, work, work, work!" He is currently residing in Reno, NV and is studying art at UNR.
Person A: Ryan why don't you just come out?

RER: No way bro you lost my trust.
by Darrell S. Shullescus September 06, 2008

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