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Denise Richards is an uber easy bake oven (Please see Def. for 'Easy Bake Oven') She is always turned on and often has multiple orgasms.
That girl is such a "Denise Richards!" Ladies, keep your men close!

I wish I was Denise Richards, then I could sing like a fool and get away with it just like she did in the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. (Which is a great film!)
by Darling Nicki July 05, 2006
A hilarious mockumentary starring Kirstin Dunst, Denise Richards, and Kirstie Alley (skinny, then fat, then skinny, then fat, then skinny... FETTUCCINI!!!!)

This non-stop laughter-causing movie has got it all, from mentally disabled characters showing off their nether-regions, to trailer park-bombings, to pedophilia! Pop in this wonderful DVD and let the chaos ensue!
Drop Dead Gorgeous is the best mockumentary ever made!

Denise Richards is in Drop Dead Gorgeous!? She's such and easy bake oven! (See def. for easy bake oven)
by Darling Nicki July 05, 2006

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