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Verb. meatball rolled, roll~ing the meatball

1. A psychological trope used by all men since the Neanderthal (mostly unknown to women), as seen in the 50's Disney movie "Lady and the Tramp."

To forgo ones manly rights and appear submissive so that your "bitch" bends over and takes it from the "alpha dog" that you are.
Anthony: "I effed up, Shaniqua asked me if she looked butters in that dress... I had to be honest! shit looked like a lion mauled a lampshade! We ent had sex for weeks!"

Rob: "Shit man, why didn't you just roll the meatball and save yourself the blue balls?"
by Darkwun November 24, 2011
When a loose girl's labia majora dangles considerably lower than the rest of her vagina, much like the headwear Dappy from N Dubz wears.
"Man, that Lucy is PENG!"
"Yeah, but she gets around a bit. I hear gyal's got Dappy Flaps."
by Darkwun October 24, 2011

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