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5 definitions by Darkwatch

To look at at girl and want to fuck her. Then she is "pulbar". But you can use it when the girl is only nice, but there is a sexist clang over the word. But do not get me wrong, girls this is also a word for you.
- Damn, that girl is "pulbar".

- He's hot! "Pulbar" also.
by Darkwatch January 27, 2006
This a word we use in Norway to say that I've fucked a girl. Comes from the word "stamped. Very much used in the northern part of Norway. It also contains the spesial letter "æ", which is almoast only used in Norway. And som other scandinavian countries.
I have "Stæmpla" that girl. I would like to "Stæmple" that woman.
by Darkwatch January 27, 2006
This is actually a norwegian word. It means "to take" and you use it when you see a girl you like. Directly translated it will be "i'd like to fuck her".
She is "takanes". That girl is "takanes".
by Darkwatch January 23, 2006
A Norweng word is a word that is hybrid between a Norwegian and English word. Is among English teatchers in Norway a very used word, because it's a common mistake.
The Essay had to many "Norweng# words in it.
by Darkwatch January 27, 2006
This is a word that you use when it has been a long time sincu you have hade yourself a girl. Fett=Pussy, and Laus=to be without. So when your "fettlaus" you dont got any pussy to attend to.
I have been "fettlaus" a long time now. My girl just broke up with me so now I'm fettlaus.
by Darkwatch January 27, 2006