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Something that is so nasty it needs its own word
yo that is so knarsty it makes me want to throw up
by darkside July 07, 2004
Complete tosser
asin you are a liquidx
by Darkside November 25, 2003
1. The act of smoking
2. To inhale smoke
3. To smoke a cigarette
4. To chew tabacco such as "baseball players"
I'm going out for a "breath of fresh air"...you guys want to chew one?
by Darkside October 24, 2003
The noise a woman makes while masturbating. This sound does not come from a womans lips. Not the upper ones anyway.
Hey, whats that noise?
Ah, its okay. Its just mah mom frapping again.
by DaRkSiDe January 27, 2005

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