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2 definitions by Darksaber

a. A number that comes immediately after 1446.
1446, 1447, 1448...(hope that's not too hard)
by DarkSaber January 05, 2004
A nickname given to someone who uses the microwave oven of a different department on a different floor to warm up his/her lunch. The result is a witch hunt followed by deep hatred for that person for making the entire floor smell of fish.
Receptionist 1: What's that smell?

Receptionist 2: Hmmmm it smells like fish

Receptionist 1: Eurrghhhhhhh

Office worker 1: What is that smell?

Office worker 2: Someone is cooking something god awful in the microwave

Office worked 1: It must be someone cooking a fish pie.

Colleagues call the offending person fishpie from thereon in
by Darksaber January 23, 2013