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At the point of explosion, you proceed to pull out after rapidly thrusting in a girls panooch, you make grizzly bear noises as you jizz all over a girls dome-piece. Hence the name jizzly bear.
Chad proceeded to give squeely a jizzly bear after thrusting repeatedly. Squeely loved it.
by Darkness, peaches, and tburd January 21, 2010
When pleasuring a female orally and chewing juicyfruit, you "accidently" leave the gum in her vagina, and she then proceeds to let out a massive queef allowing her to blow a huge bubble! and to top it off you pop the bubble with your cock.
Last night, I heard shaun was having oral with jen. She queefed and out came a buble of juicycoot!
by Darkness, peaches, and tburd January 21, 2010
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