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4 definitions by Darkandmartyr

Piss with a lisp.

verb used to describe one urinating but pronounced wrongly through the mouth of a person with the speech defect known as Lispspspsps.
Daffy Duck - Im going for a Pith.

Bugs Bunny - Don't you mean piss?

Daffy Duck - Ye thats what i thaid.
by darkandmartyr July 19, 2009
Epicolossal- created by splicing the words Epic and Colossal together using word genetics.

The word could be described as epicness on the scale of colossal proportion!

by Darkandmartyr July 29, 2009
Verb - The act of discarding an unwanted Lady Gaga.

Derived from 'Gaga' the coined pseudonym of Lady Gaga Transvestite Man-Slag and 'Flip' usually used to describe a physical hand gesture which is used to convey profanity but is actually used in the literal sense of actually physically flipping the aggressor no less than 180 degrees (not Fahrenheit).
'She kept poking me in the face i had to let the bitch go *GAGAFLIP!!!!* she gone, bye bye'
by darkandmartyr July 19, 2009
Geek slang for ultimate fail, derived from the term used to measure a computers performance. The word is split into two parts to justify its meaning. 1. GIGA (meaning feckin shite loads or 1,000,000,000) and 2. flop (meaning fail). Not to be confused with GagaFlip the act of discarding an unwanted Lady Gaga.
*Man eats cashew nut only to find he's inhaled it and is now getting the hymnic maneuver from a fat man with an erection* GigaFlop
by darkandmartyr June 30, 2009