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1)A very stupid pick-up line
2)A way to say how hot a girl is
3)Another way of saying, "Lemme fuck you!"
1)Ay AAY GIRL!!! Lemme pee in yo butt! *slapp*
2)Good lord that girl is so hot id pee in her butt
3)Ay AAY GIRL!! Lemme pee in your butt! *girl raises her ass*
by Dark_Hedgehog December 18, 2007
one of the stupidest wastes of time ever made. will turn once cool kids into fucking nerds.
Me:Yo lets play GTA
Geeky Friend: I'd rather play RuneScape(goes to teh computer)
*5 mins later*
*walks in*
Me:Dude arent you bored ye-
Geeky friend:*fap fap fap* Oh yeah kill that goblin kill that goblin
Me:Your'e a fag
by Dark_Hedgehog December 18, 2007

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