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(doo-SHEY) an expression used for acknowledging a telling remark or rejoinder while simultaneously acknowledging that the person who said the remark is a douche for saying it.
Jim: I should've walked further to get to that restaurant.

Bob: Actually, you mean to say you should have walked "farther" to get to that restaruant.

Jim: Douché.
by DarkRoom February 14, 2010
(n) A phrase yelled by someone when his or her opponent had the upper hand in some given contest or clash. The opponent's upper hand usually results from either the yeller's mistake or the yeller's usage of too weak of an attack.
(Commonly used in video game settings.)

*The opposite can also be true, the yeller can have the upper hand and say the phrase in order to humiliate/frustrate their opponent, but this is generally looked down upon as bad sportsmanship.
While playing Super Smash Brothers Melee, your opponent KOs you. But, you gave him a little damage by countering with your weak attack, so you yell: "Worth it!"

While playing an online game, your opponent makes a huge mistake allowing you to own him. You either type and/or yell: "Worth it!"
by DarkRoom November 15, 2004
1. (v) To breathe heavily, as if after intense exercise.

2. (v) To place one's lips 3 to 5 cm from another's rectum and inhale the acrid taste of fart.

3. suck-wind
1. "Wow, that 4-hour stand-up sex session with that fat chick must have made you suck wind!"

2. "Douglas was drinking beer all last night, and you sucked wind on him today?!"
by DarkRoom November 15, 2004
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