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A hot girl(man, hand, and animals doesn't count) who wants you badly and responsible for 50% of your free sex(for the other 50%, refer to threesome and cheating)
"You want to be my girlfriend, you have to work for it. I'm not easy, you know :smirk:"
by DarkPrinceXXI January 03, 2004
unlike girls, who wants to be kissed and smelled at the neck and ears, it's what we men consider "foreplay".
"if u wanna be my hoe, you must learn the following by heart:
1) anal is not degrading
2) I drink a lot of apple juice, so my cum is sweet and tasty
3) your name is Angelina Jolie and you'd better learn to act like her.
Now, kneel and gimme a blow job, woman!"
by DarkPrinceXXI January 03, 2004
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